Community Recreation & Education Commission Minutes

2017 CREC Meeting Dates & Time                 

January 30 6:00pm (All Commissions Meeting)

January 31 6:00pm

March 7 6:00pm (rescheduled February monthly meeting)

March 28 6:00pm

April 25 6:00pm

May 11 6:00pm (Special Meeting - Interviews) 

May 30 6:00pm

June 27 6:00pm

July 11 6:00pm (Special Meeting - Interviews)

July 18 6:00pm (Rescheduled from July 25)

August 29 6:00pm

September 26 6:00pm

October 30 6:00pm^

November 28 6:00pm

December No Meeting Scheduled



Minutes are linked to the respective meeting date.

The Community Recreation & Education Commission will meet in the Lakewood City School Board Auditorium, located at 1470 Warren Rd, unless otherwise noted.

*Denotes a special meeting

^Meeting scheduled on different date