Health Center

Welcome to the Lakewood City Schools' Health Center information page. We believe strongly that the health & wellness of each student is vital to the education process. Please feel free to contact Nurse Corrigan to discuss any health questions or concerns.

District Nurse:
Kathleen Corrigan, RN, BSN, BSEd, MS , LSN

Nurse Corrigan provides oversight to each school's Health Center.  Health Centers are staffed daily with trained Educational Aides.  

Health Center
Lakewood High School
Educational Aide: Anne Egut
Fax: 529-4290
Garfield Middle School
Educational Aide: Dianne Shoemaker
Fax 529-4146
Harding Middle School
Educational Aide: Denise McGuire
Fax: 529-4708
Emerson Elementary School
Educational Aide: Susan Hirsch 
Fax: 227-5752
Grant Elementary School
Educational Aide: Melissa Diemert
Fax: 227-5535
Harrison Elementary School
Educational Aide: Eileen Revolinsky
Fax: 227-5556
Hayes Elementary School
Educational Aide: Maureen Yantek
Fax: 227-5575
Horace Mann Elementary 
Educational Aide: Sheila Sabol
Fax: 227-5828
Lincoln Elementary School
Educational Aide: Katie Dieter
Fax: 227-5722
Roosevelt Elementary School
Educational Aide: Diana Kantor
Fax: 227-5739


Substance Abuse Information:
Ohio Substance Abuse Resouces for Students

Bed Bug Information:

District bed bug action plan  

Head Lice Information:

District Procedures

Medication Procedure:

Lakewood Schools' medication procedure is designed to ensure the health and safety of all students. Prescribed and over-the-counter medications will only be dispensed to those students providing the required authorization forms. See Medication Authorization Forms. A medication authorization form must be completed for each medication.  Forms must be renewed each school year.  

Under no circumstances will medication be administered if the appropriate forms, signed and dated, are not submitted. Medication must to be brought to the school Health Center in the original container by an adult.

All medications will be dispensed from the Health Center; students are prohibited from carrying any prescription or over-the-counter medication with the exception of rescue inhalers or Epi-pens. Students must provide written authorization from a physician to carry a rescue inhaler or Epi-pen.  See Authorization to Possess Epi-Pen or Authorization to Possess Inhaler  under Medication Authorization Forms.

Health Care Action Plans:

It is recommended that a health care action plan be developed for students with chronic medical conditions. If your child has diabetes, a seizure disorder, or a severe, life-threatening allergy, please have your child's physician complete the appropriate health care action plan. See Health Care Action Plans.

Please contact Nurse Corrigan to discuss the need to develop an individualized health care action plan.

Health Screenings:

To help ensure the continued good health of our students, various health screenings occur throughout the year. General vision, hearing, and/or dental screenings are performed on various age groups based on Ohio Department of Health recommendations. Health Center staff will notify parents if a comprehensive examination by a health care provider is recommended. If you do not want your child/children to participate in health screenings, you must notify the school in writing stating your specific wishes.